Robert E. (Rob) van der Linden Dutch composer, arranger, pianist, pedagogue

Robert van der Linden was born 19 March 1936 in Schiedam. He studied Piano and Composition at the Rotterdam Conservatorium.

As a composer he aims his work to be communicative and accessible. Characteristic for his compositions are big contrasts and rapid changes in rhythm, harmony and colouring.
In the 1970’s he developped a new style of music, based on a synthesis between classical music and elements of Jazz and related styles. To perform the work that resulted from these new ideas he formed his own ensemble, The Group, in 1972. The Group (at first 9, later on 11 musicians) existed for more than 15 years. In 1975 Philips released an album of The Group, called Omniphonic Music (now released as a CD by Fonos).

Although he had an classical education as a pianist, Robert van der Linden mostly worked in the field of Jazz and entertainment as a solo performer, as accompanist and as répétiteur.
From 1984 till 1989 he and the Belgian singer Peter Hens toured with a theater programm called Ballad for Two.

Since 1968 Robert van der Linden is active as a pedagogue. As such he did important pioneer’s work for the introduction of Jazz and other, non classical, styles of music at the Dutch conservatoirs. From 1978 till 1997 he was Professor of Piano and of Composition at the Rotterdam Conservatorium.
He gives lectures and workshops, develops methods and writes educational books for piano.